Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I don't think you can order Treatise or Burning Babies

If you order Treatise or Burning Babies, I seriously doubt anything is going to come.

I'm working on getting the books at new places.

It will probably take a couple of years.

Just don't die and one day you'll get to order them.


Bradley Sands said...

Amazon says they have copies of Burning Babies, so I'm sure that means they have copies in their warehouse and people will be able to order it through them until they run out of the copies. They don't have Treatise except for one Amazon Seller who is selling it for $200.

Noah Cicero said...

Everyone has told me that has ordered Burning Babies in the last year that the book never comes.

Bradley Sands said...

That's weird. When my first book went out of print, Amazon sold it until they ran out of copies (and now it's only available through the Amazon sellers).

You should probably get in touch with them. Sign up for Author Central if you haven't already. Go to the book's listing and send a message about there being a problem with it.

I got in contact with them about my book because when they ran out of copies, it said something like "temporarily unavailable-more copies are on the way" for months. And some people were waiting for the copies to show up rather than buy it from the Amazon Sellers. So after getting in touch with them, they got rid of the message and replaced it with "Available from these sellers," which linked to the Amazon Sellers who still had copies.

Bradley Sands said...

Maybe I should have linked to this:

Signing up makes it easy to fix errors.

LetsBuildABarn said...

Hi Noah. Can I order direct from you? I have read The Human War (great) and The Insurgent (Unstoppably Great.)

Can you bundle the rest and I can paypal you?

PS Sorry for the drunken comment re: re imagining ones imagination.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?


adam said...

I think Libros Schmibros has or had my copies of your books. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), they have lots of stuff, and not all of it is out on the shelves, so even if I asked David about them and he hadn't sold them yet I probably wouldn't be able to get them back.

What I'm trying to say is I hope you can sort this out quicker so I can order some copies to friends and family in the States and get them to send them to me.

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