Sunday, June 26, 2011

Done reading the bible and working at red lobster

I'm done reading the bible, it got too boring.

I read the gospels a lot when I was young and know those well, so I'm just going to deal with Saint Augustine and as he quotes things, I'll look it up.

Last day at Red Lobster, it is over. They got me a cake, and everyone said goodbye and good luck. It'll was nice.

I didn't expect a cake.

They gave me a donation of 30 dollars.

I don't leave for three weeks, my plan is to tan and read, read and tan.

I read Tacitus' Agricola and Germania today, I liked it a lot. It had one really good line, "You create desolation and call it peace."

That was said by a Brit concerning the Romans.

I don't know if I am going to write the political philosophy book yet. I think I might write a book called "A Metaphysics."

I need three books to write that book.

Can someone give me the names of books that concern the Big Bang theory, the many worlds theory and evolution, like modern up to date books about it?


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Stanley said...

Hard to imagine you not being in Youngstown. It's such a big part of your identity as a writer.

Hopefully you will find equally colorful characters out West.

Anonymous said...

big bang by simon singh is one of my favorites. definitely something to check out if you are still interested...

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