Thursday, June 02, 2011

a 14 year old boy asked me

Two men, one 14 and one 30 are standing in a garden on a sunny day. The boy holds a hoe and the man holds a shovel.

14 year old boy: What are you gonna do now that you've graduated?

Me: I'm gonna be a poet.

14 year old boy: That's not a job.

Me: No matter what job I'll have, I'll be a poet. 15 years ago I was a caddy and a poet, 10 years I had no job and was a poet, five years ago I was a pizza boy and a poet, right now, as I stand here in this garden holding a shovel, still poet, ten years from now, still poet, on my death bed, poet.

14 year old boy: Noah, you're crazy.

Me: It is perfectly acceptable to be a crazy, when I applied to be a poet when I was 15 I wrote "mental ward experience" and was hired instantly.


scott mcclanahan said...

One of the best posts you've ever done on this blog.

arock said...

sometimes, I feel that way as a musician

Todd Colby said...

Yes. Hey, nice interview with Ofelia over on WWAATD! Have a glorious, sunshiny day.

haze said...

this should be the intro to netlit cannon. in a way, it says it all.

ana c. said...