Monday, March 28, 2011

Want to do more interviews

Will have interviews coming out with Michael Davidson and xTx.

I have Sam Pink's book Self-Esteem and Blake Butler's Scord Atlas.

I'm half way through Sam Pink's book. I'm really liking it.

Some other people are sending me books also, Elizebeth Ellen and A.J. Tyler.

I would like to do more interviews.

I want to do these interviews for posterity.

I will put them together one day and make a book of them.

Then put it in an air tight container and put them in a ceramic vase in a cave to be found 2,000 years from now.

email me

I have one rule though:

I don't like to read PDFs.

I have tried to read PDFs and have failed because I like books.

I don't like nooks

I don't like new music.

I don't like new movies.

I don't like new architecture.

I don't like new politicians.

The only thing I like about cell phones is that you can check the weather on them.

I like new clothes.

I like the new female hair styles.

I like the whole organic food movement.

I like men not hitting women.

I like flat screen televisions.

But I don't like reading 200 page books on a computer.

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