Monday, March 14, 2011

Noah Cicero sells out

News from my existence.


Someone posted on my, "He sold out when he made friends."

That is funny.


Best Behavior can be ordered from amazon and purchased from Barnes and Nobles. You have to go to the counter at Barnes and Nobles to order it.


I am on a new diet for my psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a skin condition where red dots show up your skin and have white flakes on them.

I have red dots all over body, on my scalp, in my ears, on my eyebrows, on my legs, all over my belly. I look pretty terrible naked. If I eat a lot of bread products they itch horribly and hurt.

it is genetic and there is no cure for it. Nobody really knows what causes it either. There are a million opinions on it. None of them strong enough to believe.
Supposedly in my 60s I will get terrible arthritis and I will die four years earlier than the average human.

The diet is pretty hardcore.

I can not have these things:
all milk products
all processed foods (all candy)
no wheat based products containing gluten (pasta, pizza and bread)
tomatoes and peppers
coffee, pop and alcohol
white sugar

I have basically been eating salads and asian food.

I can eat birds, so lots of chicken and the other day I ate some duck form a chinese restaurant.

Have to drink 60 ounces of water a day.
The only thing I drink besides water is kombucha tea and GT's kombucha.

The diet was pretty hard at the start because my body was used to getting more calories a day from cheese, bread and meat. But after a week it leveled out and I've lost five pounds in the last three weeks.

It also got worse before it got better, which means it crusted up and the red dots cracked and blood oozed out of them for several days. but that is over now.

I am starting to get better.


Today Jordan Castro's dad put a tooth implant in my mouth.

It is like a metal screw in my jaw.

Feel like I might set off metal detectors now.

or that I might be a cyborg.

This is my theme song today.


Joseph Ernest said...

is that Pekar quote genuinely about yr books? Mate. Pekar. Fuck.

adam said...

Fucking friend-having sellout.

Louise Verona said...

Yeah, having friends is always the beginning of the end.

I read Best Behavior, liked it! The contrast between Tom and the other characters was kind of sad and stunning. He was like a cross between Fredy Perlman and Howard Zinn.

Joey Martin said...

I'm going to be getting an implant in my mouth in May.

curt said...

i think gordon lish has this disease. he seems ok, pretty old...

Jeff said...

Can you eat organic, grass-fed pork and beef? Seems like you probably could.

arock said...

Noah, glad you're starting to feel better. Health can be a bitch considering the infinitely unknown processes.

Anonymous said...

yeah, im the one who made the sellout comment.

viagra online said...

Maybe the nastiest diet I've ever seen in my whole life.