Friday, July 09, 2010

A Poem about Lebron James

Lebron James

Cleveland does not need

people with small penises

we have purchased a lot of merchandise

from China for you

to make you richer

so you could have bigger houses
and nicer cars

You should be happy about that
because you never went to college
you don't even have a technical degree
and could never get a job besides
working at Taco Bell

We have done this because you dance for us
and make us feel happy

That is your job
to make us happy
to make shoe companies money
and to be a good role model for the kids

There is a bridge in Akron where people kill themselves

I believe I may go to the Akron Art Museum one last time

and jump off the bridge because

I can't live without you


LUX said...

i just feel like... i'm being drawn to that bridge... almost like it's... a magnet...

shannon said...

the why bridge ;(

Anonymous said...

seems weird to build a fence. maybe they should focus on deterring people from thinking suicidally first.

cat society said...

based on the picture, it looks as though you could jump from the bridge and land on top of a BBQ grill or into a kiddie pool in one of the yards below

Anonymous said...

ohio, stand up

Anonymous said...

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