Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ameica, The Warfare Country

Last semester I took a class called International Relations, in the class I read in the text book that America is a warfare country. I thought, "Hmm, are we?"

Today in a political science class with eight people in it, we were talking about the Afghanistan War and Iraq War.

The teacher said, "We went to Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden."

I said, "Wait, we took over a WHOLE country to get one person. That sentence sounds so weird to me, 'we took over a whole country to get one person. That doesn't weird to any of you?"

They just fucking assaulted me, saying I was weird and insane for thinking such a thing.

Then I thought sitting there

What if it phrased

"A country took over another country, toppled its government, completely fucked up another's country's shit for one person."

"What if Russia took over America, destroyed it government to find one terrorist."

"America took over Afghanistan to find one person and didn't find that person."

Then Iraq occured to me

"America took over Iraq to get weapons of mass destruction, they didn't find any."

"One country took over another country because they thought they had something that they didn't."

Now when I think about these wars in terms of why Bush said they were fighting them, they are fucking pointless.

We spent a lot of fucking money and killed a lot of fucking people for no fucking reason.

If we go strictly by Bush's statements and reasons then they are pointless.

Now I just read Hans Morgenthau's Politics Amongst Nations and Kennth Walts Man, The State and War which concern Balance of Power politics.

If I interprete those wars in terms of Balance of Power politics they do have some meaning if I also apply Plato's Noble Lie to them. And if I also apply America's belief in Manifest Destiny, that they should bring democracy to the rest of the world and the International Relations Liberal View of Wilson that democracy creates countries that don't fight wars. And the Marxist view that capitalist countries take over smaller underdeveloped countries to get cheaper resources.

The logic becomes this:

Balance of Power View: America took over Afghistnan and Iraq because they were the last two remaining powers in the middle-east countries that two out of three countries that were against America. If Ameica could take over Iraq and Aghistan than they would have only one enemy left Iran. Iran would be isolated and have no power at all.

Luberal View: If Iraq and Afghanistan could be turned into democracies then they would be like America and Europe and be friendly.

Marxist View: America could took over Afghanistan and Iraq because those coutnries were not responsible concerning their oil infastructure. American and the other coutries involved want a lower price of oil because they knew that Saudi Arabia would soon be unable to flood the market anyitm time it wanted. Which came to be true, Saudi Arabia can no longer flood the market with oil.

Now that Iraq and Afghanistan are taken over then the west and China can send new wealthy oil companies that can suck oil out of their lands and put the oil on the market reducing the price of oil.

I don't know if this interpretation can justify the wars, but it DESCRIBES them.

I mean

it makes sense to me that the country that uses the most oil would want to control the nations with the oil.

I mean if you asked an alien from Mars, "Who do you think would have the highest interest in taking over oil producing countries?"

The alien would probably reply, "The country using the most oil?"

But what fucked with me most was the fact that everyone in the room thinks it is normal that one counry takes ove another country to get one person.

Everyone was fine with it.

Which says to me that I am surrouded by war hungry people that love war and do not care for the reasons or causes of it.

They just believe in it

They believe what the government tells them.

I'm not saying there is a conspiracy

I'm saying that the govenment is probably made up of Americans who are also of the mindset that, "war is okay even if we don't have the best reasons for spending lots of money and killing lots of our fellow humans."


Anonymous said...

He is more than just one person, you know?

Anonymous said...

Well put, Noah.

cat society said...

the world will be a safer place when america becomes too poor to wage war

arock said...

yeah man. power and the need to chase its dragon, gathering debris and gemstones along the way. ending with little of nothing but some disintegrating philosophy and the ache for more material.

adam said...

The world was not a safer place before America existed simply because America did not exist.