Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jordan Castro Book Shop

Last Saturday I met Jordan Castro

Brittany Wallace and I were sitting in Scribbles coffee shop in Kent, Ohio.

I was very nervous about the whole event. Jordan Castro is like 16, and I was worried people would consider me a bugger for sitting with a 16 year old boy. I was afraid there would be a headline on bookslut, "Noah Cicero uses his literary talent to bugger 16 year old Jordan Castro."

Brittany and I arrived at the coffee shop. Jordan Castro wasn't there. I thought for a minute if I should make a Fidel joke when he got there but decided not to. Brittany and I got coconut mochas and a muffin. The muffin was hard and sad.

Brittany and I sat down at table. There were books all around us. We looked at some of the books. I picked up books in Spanish, one of them had the name Pio on it. I read the book, getting every third word. It made no sense.

Brittany looked really good, I kept looking at her, Jordan Castro hadn't showed up after 20 minutes, I said to Brittany, "Jordan isn't coming, he is an undependable person and will probably die alone."

Brittany responded, "What if he starts talking about prom?"

We both spent a minute pondering prom.

I said, "Maybe he will complain about his dad not giving him the keys to the car."

Brittany responded, "What if he turns out to be a bug?"

"Then we will take pity on his soul."

Jordan Castro showed up.

Brittany and I were surprised.

He appeared on the surface not to be a bug.

But Brittany and I looked at each other and decided to make a verdict later.

Jordan Castro sat there nervous.

Brittany told me he was wearing American Apparel.

If he was shirt or pants, I'm not sure. You will have to email Brittany.

We talked about books for a little bit.

I talked about when I was started getting into internet lit.

He talked about his experiences. He said an 8th grade teacher got him into it.

He told us he was vegan.

We didn't ask him why.

Seemed personal.

A man working on his lap top farted loudly.

It was strange.

A long fart with little humor.

None of mentioned the fart till later in emails.

I still have not discussed the fart with Brittany. I plan to tonight. We plan on going to her room, lighting a few candles, pouring large glasses of Franzia into coffee mugs and having a long dialogue concerning the man's fart in the coffee shop.

At one point I stood up and gave a long monologue on Sam Pink's penis. Jordan Castro had a picture of Sam Pink's penis in his wallet and was happy to show it to me.

Brittany looked at Sam Pink's penis and found it charming.

I had to go work back in Youngstown, so we left back to Brittany's.

When I left Jordan Castro was sitting with Brittany.

On the way home I thought about the movie Avatar.


Ellie said...

Seems like a lot of people are opting for vegan.

brittany wallace said...

should i make a blog post about meeting jordo.

maybe i should check with jordan before referring to him as jordo.

"i drank my coffee quickly while cicero and castro discussed internet writer things. then castro came back to my house and i fed the 17 year old wine and told him my life story."

the end.

sarah san said...

i glad we nicknamed jordo.

ryan manning said...

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