Friday, January 01, 2010

The busiest year of my life

This will be the busiest of year of my life.

This is what I have to do this year:

1. Go to college for the fall, summer, and winter.

2. Get an agent, the agent must convince a larger publisher to publish the human war and my other books so when the movie comes out there are books in stores to buy.

3. The Insurgent comes out, promote The Insurgent, write many emails, do many interviews.

4. Have a gf. I have not had a gf in years. I have one now, it is serious. Things are serious.

I believe if I do all things properly with a high level of responsibility, determination and fortitude my life will improve greatly. This will be a great challenge because my parents did nothing to train me for responsibility or how to do anything but work sad blue collar jobs. But I have many white collar friends that can inform me what to do in all white collar situations and I will do what they say. This will be a year of listening and taking advice and following game plans.