Monday, December 21, 2009

Local News Coverage


I sat at my kitchen table and stared at it on the front page, it was right under the Pavlik fight news.

It was strange, I've seen my writing translated and published in all kinds of random of places.

But seeing my name in the local paper I grew up with, the paper my dad read everyday after work, gave me a strange sense of satisfaction that I never had before.


DJ Berndt said...

Congratulations, man. You deserve it.

Jordan Castro said...

good job

Dan Francis said...


the cat society said...

i'm excited to watch this movie. as someone who lives in portland, or, which is populated with yuppy pieces of shit just like me, youngstown, oh, is pleasingly foreign. and i get the sense that most everyone involved in the project is interested in authenticity.

greenlander said...

thanks for shooting it in y-town, that's great. i can't wait to see yankee kitchen on film