Monday, June 08, 2009

currently in NYC

watched auditions

hung out with james yeh

went to clong

ate with kendra grant malone

kendra has long hair currently and french men

everybody is talking about ryan manning

it is funny

zach just took me for a walk around the neighborhood

he is a professional dog walker

he is also very good at walking authors

i will blog more seriously when i get back

about serious things

currently i'm not depressed

enough to blog

and still trying to quit smoking

i don't think best behavior is done

i need to rewrite two characters after this trip

i think i want to have an introduction, a footnote, and a large 10,000 word epilogue

everyone has been really nice

i would like to thank

pirooz, thomas, zach, tao, jamie, james, Dr. ben, and miles for all being really nice.