Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shit talk about Roosevelt

I keep hearing shit talk about Roosevelt from assholes

lets talk about life previous to the great depression, the roaring twenties

the roaring twenties had several causes

world war 1 killed 50 thousand young men

and The Spanish Influenza killed millions of young people

if you look anywhere in history, after a huge plague there is an economic boom

And the invention of the tractor created a boom in food production which created a rise in population

but it wasn't that roaring

black people still lived in shit

the whites in the south were living in shit tenant farming

rural people all over didn't have electricity

there were no real interstates

capitalism is completely unregulated

there was no minimum wage

there was no social security

when you got too old to work, the world told you to die

So the depression hits after the dust bowl

Roosevelt takes over a failed system of shit

puts some of the people back to work

gives social security

gives a minimum wage

gives us an infrastructure

and what people do not recognize is that similar situations took place all over the world and they either led to fascism or violent revolution, both making for countries without democracy and without habeas corpus

So today I'm watching Anderson Cooper, who is supposed to be a nice person. Anderson Cooper is talking about the first project of the stimulus package which is an unsafe bridge in Missouri. The bridge is in horrible shape and falling apart, and it will create or maintain 240 jobs to build a new bridge. The citizens of that area are happy.

What does Anderson Cooper do and our media. They scour the area for one Republican economist from a local university to spout shit about FDR being a fuckhead.

Maybe I'm bias, i mean, because my grandpa worked for the Triple Cs and sent money back to his family instead of starving to death, and bernice's grandfather worked for the Triple Cs instead of starving to death, I've enjoyed highways and electricity, instead dirt roads and candles, millions of people get energy and water from the hoover dam, fuck that, that's stupid,

the fact the media even bothers to speak to republicans anymore disgusts me

speak to a green person, an independent, a socialist, anybody but a fucking republican.

i feel like vomiting

my bowels tighten in pain suffocating my shit turning it into diarrhea.


heads said...

There is a solution.

Watch Democracy Now!


PBS (NewsHour, Frontline)


You won't get so worked up.

Or maybe you'll get more worked up.

CNN is for the illiterate.

CNN is destruction.

They spend twice the time promo-ing the stories than they do telling them.

The only thing worse than CNN is stupid Today Show, and stupid Today Show people.

plastic bag said...

"suffocating my shit turning it into diarrhea"

somebody said...

























Anonymous said...

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