Friday, January 09, 2009

baby boomers and their kids

I had a comment on the Charles Hugh Smith website about baby boomers:

Here is a comment from a baby boomer about my opinion on baby boomers: The original comments can be found on his

"Noah C's resentful attitude is also revealed in his statement "And we are going to have to support on our backs 78 million retired baby boomers. 43 million disabled people, 70 million children. And we have 20 million illegal immigrants." I don't understand why he feels that all these people will be "on his back." Disabled people have jobs. Parents support children. Illegal immigrants work hard. But the larger issue is his resentment. Has he never heard of the social contract? We are not islands unto ourselves. We all live and work together."

If you are a baby boomer, read blogs, have an interest in what is going on, care so much about the world that you what 28 year olds have to say about things:

Then you are different than most of your generation:

Most baby boomers let the television and public schools raise their children.

Most baby boomers got divorced and let their children grow in single parent families.

Most baby boomers didn't do anything but feed their children and buy them objects on Christmas.

I know some baby boomers that taught their kids responsibility.

But few that were sincerely loving to their children.

If this economic depression and energy crisis leads to the younger generations having their worldviews jackfucked into some green worldview of frugality and simpleness.

They aren't going to care about baby boomers.

Because as we discussed earlier this week, capitalism doesn't not create loving families.