Monday, November 03, 2008

This is why I'm voting for Obama

It would be more logical, there is more evidence to vote for Nader or McKinney. All my views pretty much lie with them.

But that is not the situation

The situation is:

The Republicans need to get fuck out

We have a democracy

and democracy grants us the ability even if takes longer, to create a slow revolution

because real revolutions

violent ones

destroy lives and destroy infrastructure

I work with a marine who served in Somalia and he told me about what civil war can lead to

I've read about The Reconstruction and The French Revolution

And Levy's End of History

They destroy lives and destroy infrastructure

democracy takes time

You can mention the Civil War

but during the Civil War blacks and women were not allowed to vote

Now everyone can vote

Life is not great

and it will never be a utopia

Bush has destroyed democracy

and he has not destroyed The Constitution

Obama wants several things

I want

No tax breaks for the rich

He wants health care for children

He wants to help people go to college by community service

He wants community service

I was watching the town hall debate between Obama and McCain and when McCain was acting all nuts and flaky, and trying to start, Obama stood there strong and did not flinch, and I thought there, "There is a president."

It reminded me of Numa Pompilius or an FDR.

He looks a motivator and that is what we need more than anything right now, someone who can motivate these assholes.