Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ralph Nader

I just voted.

It is over.

Now I'm going to shit on Ralph Nader:

Before I go into this I respect Nader and all his accomplishments concerning non-profit organizations.

I called Ralph Nader 'insane' because he has ran three times and not I'm concerned with him losing, but he has ran three times and nothing has happened of any significance but Al Gore losing the 2000 election which has led to the last eight shitty years. I voted for Nader in 2000 it must be added.

It is insane because if you keep doing the same over and over again and getting the same results that is insanity.

If Nader wanted to be president, if he had a sincere intention of becoming president he would do what people always do when wanting to become president.

They become a senator, Representative, or a governor.

They make grandiose speeches all the time, which he does.

But you have to make them at the previous Democratic or republican party convention.

You have to have some kind of voting record to show people.

Ralph Nader doesn't have any of these things.

So I have to assume this is some form of punk rock statement.

I don't care about punk rock statements so don't consider this a serious statement.

What I mean by punk rock statement, is that someone just creates chaos or a clusterfuck without the intention of result. The motivation lies more in teenage angst and mature understanding the situation.

For this election especially:

Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney are both running for third parties.

They have the same exact views on the issues.

But Cynthia McKinney has experience, she has 12 years experience as a representative. She spent her early childhood in Jim Crow south. She was the first black woman to become a representative from Georgia.

She has experience, a voting record, etc.

So if you were logically going to vote for a third party on the left it would be Cynthia McKinney.

But people are voting for Nader


Because Nader has more money?

And gets more youtube appearances

The thing Nader is fighting against

is the thing he is using to get more votes than Cynthia McKinney.

Now we can go two roads here

we could say

Nader has 'charisma' which a common bitch about Obama

or that he is not qualified which is a common bitch about Palin

both apply to Nader

But I want to say I like Nader a lot more than Ron Paul.

Because even though I perceive Nader's behavior as antics and not something to be taken serious, he does seem like a sincerely nice person. And he understands that the strength of a nation is dependent upon a large middle class that is healthy.


Alice said...

I used to wait tables in a resturant in Washington DC that Ralph Nader would sometimes visit. He was an asshole.

Anonymous said...


you are blaming nader for gore's loss.

i guess the electoral college and the supreme court had absolutely nothing to do with that decision.

gore won the popular vote (this is a democracy, correct) despite nader's presence in the election.

gore is a very bad man and hypocrite, anyway. gore voted for all these wars and sanctions. gore's mansion accounts for the largest private electricity bill in the state of tennessee. yeah, hes fucking captain planet, boo-hoo, gore lost.

and just to be clear, i loathed every second of bush/cheney, too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gore's mansion accounts for the largest private electricity bill in the state of tennessee.

You are an idiot.

somebody said...