Monday, November 03, 2008

Political Debates at work, Danger to our national security

I've already about the one girl who said she is voting Republican because of, "Why not." It should be mentioned she is a senior in college and is going on to law school. Also wins the football at 12 times a year.

Two more debates occurred yesterday:

I asked a girl who is a junior college studying to become a I think 1st grade teacher,

"What issue that McCain has, are you all about?"

She responded, "Action speaks a louder than words."

An 18 year old stoner going to the high school vocational school for carpentry said, "What action are you talking about?"

she responded, "My parents voted republican."

So I asked the assistant manager who has a two year business degree, "What McCain issue are you all about, just name one.?"

She responded, "No one gets a free ride."

I said, "Obama wants to start a program where if you do one hundred hours of community service you get four thousand to go to school for that year."

She responded, "I had to pay for my school"

I said, "What about your daughter, she could is it, don't you want your daughter to go to school?"

She responded, "no."

None of the three republicans could name ONE issue that McCain held.

That is fucking serious, I mean that's fucking serious

if you have a dominant political party, I mean dominant in the way that it is second and ranks above green, libertarian, and the other little ones.

And probably 40 million people will vote republican in the election

and those 40 million do not even know an issue McCain has. Or what McCain will veto or not veto. If they even know what a veto is I'd be surprised.

I haven't met an Obama supporter that could not at least say something, like, "I like how he is taking money from the oil companies and giving it to us."

"I like how he isn't giving tax breaks to the rich."

I hear something, a phrase, something.

Lets go to the final debate I had at work.

This was with a woman from Georgia, who grew up poor in the rural part of Georgia. Who says the word "niggers" all the time. She was in Lone Star getting a drink. She recently quit about two months ago to become a repo man for Rental Center. Now we have to think, that a repo man in the Youngstown area sees a lot of crazy behavior by poor people of both black and white. It is not a job for pussies.

She said to me, "I voted for the nigger. I'm tired of this of fucking war and fucking republicans. And if spread the wealth around means give niggers handouts, maybe if they give them some handouts maybe they won't act so fucked up."

Now, if you discard the asinine language, you will see that this person has the cognitive complexity to understand that if you help people, they won't act fucked up, they won't get in trouble, they won't do massive amounts of drugs and they won't shoot each other. This is understood by a person who works as a repo man with no higher education.

Lets all go vote for Obama, mark every democrat box there is on that paper, lets destroy the republican together

tomorrow we have a destiny and it is to destroy the republican party

If we destroy the republican perhaps next time we can get some soclialists, some greens, some libertarians next time to show up to our state and presidential elections.