Sunday, November 09, 2008

Comments on the election

Did black people vote for Obama because he is black?

No, they voted for a democrat and it got some motivated to vote that might not have.

But they wouldn't have voted for a republican black person.

And everyone said that women were going to vote for sarah palin because she has a vagina and they didn't.

So that doesn't make any sense.

Did Sarah Palin lose the election for John McCain?

First: McCain picked Palin. We have died without every knowing who Sarah Palin was unless McCain picked her.

Could he won if he didn't pick Palin?

No, he has no plan on any issue. Go to his website and try to find a plan or something. He wanted to freeze all the plans, even Bush's.

He refused to mention the economy, what the fuck.

Is McCain a piece of shit for trying to get people to think Obama is a socialist?

Yes, Obama is like Kerry plus some community work college programs and helping people get cheap health care. But the people still have to pay for the health care.

So, yeah, McCain is a fucking asshole.

Is McCain a piece of shit for trying to get people to think Obama is a terrorist?

Yes, no explanation needed.

This should be added though: Republicans bitched that terrorists wanted Obama to win. The logic that should have followed is, "Oh, that is good. Maybe we could have a truce and end the war on terror." But no one said that, our media is a pile of shit, seriously. If we really have a war on terror how come we have never attempted a truce. Like in normal wars, where countries fight and try to come to a compromise.

Is the Republican Party destroyed?

Yes it is. It has showed that it is inept and fucked up. Like emotionally immature and fucked up. McCain and the other Republicans running could have easily said, "We will take the troops out in 18 months and offer some health care. And probably not lost so many seats in the house and senate. They could do that. They could not give any new tax cuts to the rich, just have them pay normally. They could. They could still maintain their anti abortion skit. But they can't leave the evangelicals who are fucking insane and want endless racism and war until Jesus returns and makes them the almighty snobs of the afterlife.

The Republican needs to change to maintain getting votes in states that have diversity and have a large number of people that view compassion as something worthwhile. That stem cell research will not mean that Jesus will forget to rapturize the United States or something.

But they can't because they would lose their Evangelical crazy fuck voting base.

And without them they are really fucked.

Will Obama be our savior?

He is going to reverse the laws on stem cell research, appoint at least two members to the supreme court that aren't nuts, bring the troops home which means save money, hopefully get some ways for kids to pay for college, help people get health care, probably not cut funding on libraries or hire a friend that is a moron to be charge of FEMA, etc. Which are all good things. His vice president isn't a warmongering lunatic that used to be the CEO of a weapons/oil company. Another positive.

I don't know what he will do about the economy though, the rate of production is supposed to go down again next year. Everyone is like oil is only 61 dollars a barrel now. Yes, it is down, but during world wide depressions oil has always gone down to like 10 to 20 dollars a barrel. The canterall and Kuwait oil fields have reached their peak, they announced it, the only giant oil field that has not reached its peak is Ghawar, so when that one goes, it is all over.

But there endless amounts of green jobs that could be created, and endless amounts of things railway systems to be built, and things to be done.

But we have to get poorer before we can truly fix these problems.


Glen Binger said...

I really wish people would get over it. Obama is president and the election is over. Can't we just move forward?

DJ Berndt said...

"No state, penis, think penis."

Matt DeBenedictis said...

"Snobs of the afterlife." I love that.

traxus4420 said...

he should also stop torturing people in guantanamo. that's a plus.

brian a j s said...

Scientists are finding ways to use
adult stem cells for research.

big ol' queen said...

I like penis.

Marcos said...

You wrote: "His vice president is a warmongering lunatic that used to be the CEO of a weapons/oil company. Another positive. "

I think what you meant was "His vice president is NOT a warmongering lunatic that used to be the CEO of a weapons/oil company. Another positive."

Noah Cicero said...

i fixed it

thank you marcos

insivible said...

obama is certainly better but i m not too happy to see him choosing emanuel rahm. counterpunch had a good article about it. obama might have arrived 4 years late. as for the world, i was unhappy by the flooding in vietnam, the school's collapse in haiti and people's death during a wedding in afghanistan due to a false bombing by the american planes. i really couldnt focus on the election

somebody said...