Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SNL is shitting on our democracy

Saturday Night Live is a pile of shit

it is shit

it has been shit for years and will always be shit

and now it is really shitty

all this tina fey shit is pissing me off

I don't think those skits are funny

they are apolitical and pointless

they are making a joke out of democracy

there are a lot of skits on youtube about sarah palin like Lisa Nova's skits which I enjoy a lot.

I enjoy them because they aren't apolitical sell commercials crap

Lisa Nova wants you to see that Palin and McCain are shitheads and to get you to vote for Barack Obama.

She actually while being funny shows you the issues while doing it. So a person that doesn't care about politics can see what some of the issues are and why they differ while watching it.

Just to make fun of democracy and our political system just for the sake of it, with no moral or purpose or rationality,

what is that?

I know they have always done that

but this I feel this whole monday night preelection bullshit is taking it too far

we are a culture that holds nothing sacred

we aren't grateful for anything

People are supposed to kill people with very serious expressions for democracy

for democracy, the sustaining of democracy, the maintenance of democracy we need to kick ass with clenched fists and balls of steel

But instead we get Tina Fey and her dumbass

oh god

if democracy becomes not a serious thing to be protected and instead a joke to be laughed at what the hell will become of us


adam said...

I liked the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler as Palin and Clinton skit, though; it does a good job of showing Palin's relatively free ride in the media as unfair considering how abused Clinton was during the primaries. I mostly liked it because of how sarcastic Poehler was, though.

Glen Binger said...

Palin is also a pile of poo.

Keith Whitener said...

I liked the recent one where they had Ferrel back to do W. endorsing McCain. I liked the juxtaposition between W's intent and McCain's response.

Usually SNL is a weak show though.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Here's something you'd enjoy:


click on things and watch what happens. some places do more than one thing. don't miss opening the door x3. i really like the monitor ticker.

M said...

"they are making a joke out of democracy"

Maybe democracy is a joke.

somebody said...

























Anonymous said...

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