Friday, October 10, 2008

Predictions predictions predictions

Here two predictions


and here is another one, this one has it at the end

I want to say I respect both of these writers and without their research I wouldn't be able to write this:

BUt here is a small critique

A lot of people predict that society will completely fall apart and everyone will disband into little tribes and farm.

There will be no government or religion and everyone will be killing everyone else.

There is a problem with this:

America had a government before there was oil, Russia ruled way more than the landmass of America before, Rome ruled Europe and north africa on foot.

There will be government

there will always be government

without government there is no trade, there are no police, there are no laws.

Humans love trade regulation, police, and laws

they love them

they will never give them up

they will create them if there are only two of them on an island with no other people on it

The geographical lines might become different, but there will still be a government, maybe not as powerful, maybe you will vote, and won't know who won for a week, but there will be a govenment.

There is stil enough coal to run trains for awhile, still enough gas if supplied to what is needed and not used on water bottles, can be used for semi trucks, and the military

Someone said that religion would not be here: religion will be here, oh, it will fucking return with a vengeance.

It will have to return,

we have forgot about religion and its function

but it has a good one

the catholic church and Islam united large expanses of lands and their people together, so they could trade and get along with each other. The function of religion is to give the people of a landscape a common identity.

Without a common religion it will be like the indians and everyone will be isolated and not communicate and get things done on a large scale.

Religion kept literacy alive, it kept the classics alive, even though the catholic church molests boys now, it helped stopped wars and pillaging in during the medieval times.

Islam connected people all the way from Morocco to Pakistan under a united title.

And that is the thing that should be emphasized


we know each other by titles

Hello I'm a catholic

hello i'm a muslim

those are important titles

to people

it immediately identifies you as a friend

Thinking that there will be no religion and no government, is basing one's ideas off of emotions and not facts.

Mankind demands government and religion, mankind demands gods and lies, to be told what to do, to have a sense that their life means something, even if it is all made up and hocus pocus crap.

It doesn't matter what you think, or I think, or what someone who has read a lot of great books think

if you want to help people

think like them

they want lies, try to give them better lies

they want a god, give them a well functioning god

they want a government, give them a government that creates order, they don't care if they have democracy, as long as there is order and they are well fed.

thinking that there will be no government and religion are ideas that sprung out of the world of oil and cheap energy

we have to return to the ideas that led mankind before cheap energy

which were mean ugly ideas

but they got the job done at times

we have to look through history, just like we look through history to find out how people planted apple trees before fertilizer and endless trucks bringing mulch, we have to find what places in history certain ideas, created a world where people were okay and there was food.


global said...

man, this is not the end of the world.

chill for a second please.

i am sure, even if they feel it yet, the people at your work, don't even know what a DOW is. they just like to see something going down on television, and maybe they just want to see something move or die or whatever on their fucking stupid american television brainwash bullshit. this is what they deserve. no matter if the understand or not.

and this is what they need to understand.

please dont call me stupid, but history reproduces itself, there is no other way.

i liked the point with computer trade problem though.

i like to see fucking banks going down. i hate banks. they are a main problem. i dont cry nothing for this.

stop moaning.

this is what you stupid need to start think about things.

global said...

hey i did not want to sound harsh

not want to say stupid and things, just that maybe what happens is not as bad as it sounds on newspaper and television and any media. this is not the apocalypse and if it could be some kind of dawn, why not.

things will rise again.

somebody said...

























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