Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All These Banks and Insurance companies and stocks taking a shit

Why is this happening?


I'm so scared

I'm so scared that my little world of bad television, unhealthy food, alienation, emptiness, boredom, my house being filled with frivolous oil based objects will end.

Oh I'm so scared

The companies are failing because the american economy can't grow without cheap 30 dollar oil.

Our economy is based around 15 to 30 dollar oil.

The economists and journalists are all saying we need "demand destruction" to bring oil prices down

"demand destruction" means that companies close and people don't have money to buy oil based products

"demand destruction" means no growth

or lack of growth

Businesses offering frivolous crap can't get loans because the banks say now, "We can't give you money to start a business that is useless."

the american economy for the last thirty years has been running off selling useless shit like arbies sandwiches, emo clothes, hair scrunchies, football jerseys, cell phones, dvds, Miley Cryus posters, dry erase boards, diet books, exercise degrees, beanie babies, etc etc etc

all crap

crap shit vomit products

I don't care that much, even if I have to go out west on foot to live on a farm

Last week a fucking hurricane came through Ohio. Which has never fucking happened, and it took power out for three days which has never happened to me. Not since the tornado of 83.

They had to declare a State Emergency in Ohio it was so bad.

That for sure is from Global Warming or Climate Shift or carbon emission hell.

It snowed 9 feet here last year, it broke the record by like a foot. But it went above freezing like twice a week all last winter and melted the snow. So it snows more than at any other time in recorded history, but at the same time hotter.

I'm all for "demand destruction"

These businesses that are collapsing aren't necessities.

They are frivolous things that can be dispensed with;

And for the government bailing them out

expect a lot more of that

Eventually the heating and electricity companies will go bankrupt because people won't be able to pay their bills

the government will step in and take those businesses

the trucking companies are going and eventually all of them will go bankrupt and won't be able to deliver goods and the government will take them over

The oil age created a stalemate in history

what marx and engels predicted will come true

the economic machine will break and consume itself and the state will keep taking over corporations to prevent total meltdown

but if the government was running most of the companies, that would be a total meltdown anyway

I don't think Marx and engels had it right that it would be an industrial utopia

Industry on a large scale would disappear

what will come I do not know

i wouldn't be scared that these companies are falling apart unless you enjoy the world of frivolous people owning and worshipping frivolous shit for the sake of being frivolous

I want you to go to the mall and walk into bath and body works and stare at all the plastic bottles and really consider if our way of life is worth preserving


Kofi said...

Time to learn how to do everything "by hand," I guess.

Jeni said...

This is good. I feel so good that someone else has the same thoughts as me about the American Way of life. Happiness is up sevenfold today.

Anonymous said...

Banks are going under because people can't pay back their loans. If someone buys a house in your neighborhood and it forecloses your home's appraisal rating goes way down since it's based on recent sales in your neighborhood. Instead of paying for their mortgages like people should do. They spend money on things they don't need like a new car or some Bath & Body Works products. Errr....

brian salchert said...

Most of the years of my life were
fake out years, years of false
paradises, and most of us--I know I
did, fool that I was--pigged out.
Warren Buffet on the other hand:
his first money rule is:
"When you make a profit, you're
tempted to spend it. Don't.
Reinvest it.
Do a search for his money secrets.

adam said...

So long as someone's putting together steel bicycles somewhere, I'll have something I enjoy doing.

Of course, bikes as we know it couldn't exist without the trucks, boats, and planes needed to carry parts from China.

I hope that there's a way to keep the rubber and steel needed to make safe, durable bikes coming to people who know how to make them and have the tools needed.

But with limited transportation, I don't know where that could be.

Ned said...

Temporary issue. "The time to buy is when the blood is running in the streets" - John Jacob Astor

BlogSloth said...

Miley Cyrus posters are not useless, dude.

jereme said...

economics don't really scare me that much.

i am more scared of the thought of the depletion of oil. not because of fuel but becuase it is in the earth for a reason. natural 'things' do not exist superfluously

that is when the real terror is going to be realized for all of us.

just a hunch

mi said...


i was in NOLA after Katrina. bikes made a huge comeback. don't worry.

somebody said...