Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Some say it will turn in Fascism, but I'm going with Communism

Peak Oil writers, Heinberg and Kunstler and many others thought that America will turn into a completely fascist shithole when things got really bad.

Nietzsche said at the end of historical cycle The Last Man comes. Richard Wright said in The Outsider The Last Man is coming and we must prepare in the 1950s.

The Last Man in terms of America is when the population loses its belief in religion, in mystic based hierarchies, in many of the cliches and traditions that once sustained it and motivated it.

The main difference can be seen between a middle-eastern terrorist and an American soldier.

An Arab terrorist thinks that if they die in combat they will go to heaven and Allah will reward their family with wealth.

An American soldier believes if they do their duty they will get money to go to college or a vocational school.


A medieval cobbler learns the trade of cobbler because that's what his father did and believes it to be his God Given Destiny and by performing the act of shoe making there will be a place for him in heaven.

A person buys three foot locker franchises because they want to take out a loan on a big house and have an in ground pool.

As you can see, those are huge differences in psychological states of mind. Completely different motivations are at work.

Americans believe that America is heaven. I think it was Malcom X who said something like, black people live in hell and white people live in heaven. And we want their heaven. It is paraphrased but it went something like that.

It is weird, I watched the Chinese version of The Eye. In their version when people die they are led away by a ghost that is peaceful. They are being led away to a place where they can be reincarnated.

In the American version the dead are being led away by a terrible monster that screams like an angry Hawk not to be reincarnated, and we can assume from the monster a worse place.

I'm assuming from that: that Americans view America as heaven and to die is to leave and therefore to enter hell. Because heaven is now a third world country that doesn't have fast-food and Wal-Mart.

Even though Americans have become The Last Man, they still have to a higher power. It seems instinctual almost. Dostoevsky talked about it in The Grand Inquisitor. Mankind wants to be told what to do, they want something to believe in.

I think that is what the National Government has become.

The American National Government is a form of God.

They believe now The Government can save them. That it is there to give them things, to redeem them, to find them guilty, to find them innocent, to confess to, etc.

They don't learn about their government.

They like it to be mystical.

Even though the libraries are open and they can learn all about how it works in a couple weeks of reading.

They don't want to.

They prefer it to be mystical, unknown, a mystery.

I would say this was the dominant view in the 80s and 90s.

Then two things happened:

9-11 and Katrina

The government showed they couldn't help completely.

They were not God.

Then Bush and the congress showed they were ineffective.

And now with the economy getting fucked up the capitalists, bankers, wall street people are showing they are ineffective.

This is causing SOME of The Last Men to become the Ubermensch.

But at the same time there are many who choosing to remain The Last Man type and to think the government can save them.

I would say explain what I mean by Ubermensch. In Nietzche's definition the Ubermensch is not some Power Monster. But a person that chooses to be self-reliant and control their destiny. It is more complex than that, but it also as simple as that. Also it is basically the same type of person that Emerson shows in Self-Reliance and Nietzsche also liked Emerson very much.

The Last Man types and the Ubermensch types will make a mixture of the new world.

The Last Man types are the people that said the government should bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

And will eventually start bailing or taking over, (if there is a difference) future companies that give necessities to the people.

The trucking companies will fail, the government will make their own company.

Farms will fail, the government will take over farms.

Local farms and places of businesses will fail, the government will take over those businesses.

Electricity and water companies will fail and the government and local governments will have to take over those companies.

Nuclear power plants, hydro generators, and wind turbines will have to be built. But there won't be the capital, so the government will have to do it.

Because of the massive foreclosures many will be reduced to homelessness and with the government bailing out mortgage companies and banks, those houses will go into their hands, and if they go into their hands, they go into our hands. The government will eventually start allowing people to live in them free or dirt cheap like the soviets did.

Many things will be nationalized in the future because of necessity.

There also won't be a lot of things nationalized.

I doubt shoes, socks, shirts, wood burning ovens, kid's toys, etc won't be nationalized.

Like it would work like this:

There is a building government owned and ran, but people go there with powdered garlic, mint, kid's toys, shirts, necklaces and sell their goods in the government owned building with government electricity lighting the bulbs. etc. Cuba and China and many other countries actually do things like that now.

The Ubermensches will be the people who lead the people in learning to garden and farm, who will incite action in people. Who will go out and get the funds to build the hydro generator. Who will sit and learn about how to build one, operate one, and teach others to do so. Who will go to the government and convince them that all these foreclosed are still usable and organize a system to get people to live in them. People who realize that bridges are decaying in their town and know that no capitalist are coming to save them and fix their bridge. So they get some people together and fix the bridge themselves.

Basically people that notice the local problems and decide to fix them with their own hands. Which people have not done in America for a long time. We have depended on the government and the capitalists to fix our problems in board rooms faraway from our view.

I would say an Ubermensch type would be a person that knows about wells and sewer systems and goes around telling everyone where to strategically place an outhouse in their yard so it doesn't contaminate the drinking water. As something as small as that.


But the question can be asked, "Is this communism or Marxism?"

I would say mostly no, as a generalized theory yeah, but this will happen naturally and take on the form required and not pushed into place.

I don't think people under 30 even know what communism is, which in my opinion is a good thing.

If you walked up to most 25 year olds and asked,

"What is communism?"

I bet most wouldn't know what the word is

"Who is Karl Marx?"

They wouldn't know.

"Can you describe Soviet Russia?"

They would have nothing.

And some might say, "They killed millions."

Who, what, why, where, when, they couldn't answer.

So you aren't going to see anyone running around screaming for a dictatorship of the proletariat which is a good thing.

To tell you the truth if someone as big as Slate wrote me an email asking for an article on peak oil or our future, i wouldn't mention Marx.

Comparing things to Marx in my opinion will probably only be done by people who have read a lot, which are few in coffee shops and on blogs.

And I hope it stays that way.

I don't want a giant Marxist movement.

I want things to go naturally.

Let things become new things without ideologues and assholes trying to push their agendas.


ryan manning said...

the asian jeremy pivens

Olalekan said...

your ubermensch(es?) are like people living in the ozarks. aren't you just saying a country boy will survive, except without the gun stuff