Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are they fuckings stupid?

Today I watched Bush say we were going to help Georgia. I couldn't figure it out, but I guess Georgia has the third most amount of troops in Iraq after America and Britain.

And I guess Israel is intensely involved with the Georgia economy and trained their soldiers.

What the fuck is this?


1. Georgian soldiers are in Iraq? Why?

2. America is in Iraq? Why?

3. Israel is intensely involved with Georgia? Why?

4. Russia feels the need to get more land, they are already the biggest country on earth? Why?

There are office workers, farmers in Nebraska to Africa, illiterate crack heads, Mexican gang members in prison, painkiller addicted housewives all scratching their heads going, "Are our leaders fucking stupid?"

People watch the news now, they see constantly the talking heads talking about energy problems, national debt problems, and banking problems.

Problems caused by the so called elite of our society, by the kids who got good grades and went to big name schools, who was that kid all the teachers loved. Look what they've done.

Today I was watching the country channel and they were interviewing Trace Atkins. Trace Atkins is supposed to have dinner with the president soon, the interviewer asked him what he would say to the president, Trace Atkins said something like, "I'm going to ask them what the hell is wrong with you people." The audience full of country fans who are supposed to love Bush starting screaming and hooting in approval. Then he spent a couple of minutes shitting on Republicans.

Here's a line from a new country song that plays all the time where I work, it is by Miranda Lambert, the song is called Kerosene, here it is, "Forget your high society, I’m soakin’ it in Kerosene
Light ‘em up and watch them burn, teach them what they need to learn HA!"


William T. Sherman said...

I showed Georgia who was boss.

TTB said...


learn how to cut a promo.

go watch the new ttb.

its on...

Brandon said...

hey dude.

your piece in the new robotmelon is great. it smells like Ohio. i am from Dayton you are from Youngstown...we are practically brothers.

keep up the amazing work Mr. Cicero.

adam said...

They don't need to get more land. They need to show Bush that they can fuck with his allies, or else he'll keep fucking with theirs.

Rachel said...

From :

"It also has an increased ability to pay for more expensive gas imports from Russia. The country is pinning its hopes for long-term growth on a determined effort to reduce regulation, taxes and corruption in order to attract foreign investment. The construction on the Baku-T'bilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, the Baku-T'bilisi-Erzerum gas pipeline, and the Kars-Akhalkalaki Railroad are part of a strategy to capitalize on Georgia's strategic location between Europe and Asia and develop its role as a transit point for gas, oil and other goods."

That's why.

I love it when our government gives out money that we don't have.

Anonymous said...

Georgian soldiers are in Iraq because that was part of the deal they made with the West, nato, US/uk, and Israel. In return for investment, mostly Israeli, and supposed support from the West, the Nth corrupt leaders (Saak, etc.) could continue to strip their country for cash, take the investments, etc.
Saak turned Georgia into a badlands NATO province, for his own advantage. Then he was encouraged to prod the Russian bear. As he had nothing to offer his ppl, only spitting nationalism, empty discourse, plus not much for anybody else, he went ahead.
Sure he didn’t even try to take control, has no interest in that, the only thing the US demands is dead bodies, bombing, blood, Tv time, paying Israel - a lot of mischief, sadism, international horrors. Nobody gives a fig about Ossetia (geo strategist will mumble about pipelines, sure.)


Anonymous said...

The only song ever allowed to be called kerosene is the one by big black. Check it out, Noah, you would like the sentiment...

Anonymous said...

I was a bit dictatorial in last statement. That is my opinion only. If someone else makes a great track with same name I will RESPECT that
but it is a high water mark

somebody said...