Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have read like fifty articles mentioning the problems in Nigeria I've never once got an explanation for why they blowing up shell pipelines.

They let oil into their rivers, which are poisoning them and have killed their fish which they live off.

The oil companies have done nothing to help their quality of life, it has ruined their lives.

The media represents them as being like FARC who are a bunch of murders.

But Movement for Emancipation for The Niger Delta don't go around killing people. They take hostages but don't kill them. They blow up pipelines and not people. And they don't run coca plant farms and help with cocaine distribution to America. And don't blow up civilians like terrorists.

Our media won't cover this, they wont' cover the problems in Spain and Portugal right, if you watch the Chinese news show on channel like 350 the Chinese are rationing, or the taxi drivers in England going on strike. And the other countless food riots going on. None of those major issues reach mainstream television or newspapers. I'm not even talking about ABC, NBC, CBS, but like the CNN and FOX that are low in the station count.