Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Peak Oil Report

The History channel did a show on peak oil from their mega disasters series.

It wasn't bad, Heinberg and Simmons were on it.

That was the first time I'd ever seen Heinberg on television.

The show wasn't as informative documentaries on google video or youtube.

It had a lot of explosions, terrorism, fear related things on it.

It wasn't like someone just saying some scary things, but they had huge CGI explosions and crazy shit like that.

The show showed a lot of possible alternative fuel sources that wouldn't work on a large scale.

Ethanol can be used, but it only could make up 2.5 percent of what oil does.

They showed what tar sands and hard crude is, how it is made. I'd never seen that before.

It showed why it is so expensive to get oil now.

It didn't go into people having to garden and people having to go and work on farms, or anything like that.

Which saddened me.

It was all about sustaining the American Dream.

I don't know what will happen and I don't think anyone else really knows either.

It could just turn into a huge great depression that never ends.

The depression leads to riots and chaos in some areas.

But at the same time somebody told me they were at a store and somebody told them they were going to start a garden because food prices were so high.

People are starting to the buy prius.

I don't think that solves the problem.

But I do think that signifies that are humans willing to change.

I think a lot of people are tired of modern life as we know it, I don't know what the statistics are, but I think a lot of people.

I think a lot of BAD VIEWS have happened since the fifties concerning farm and manual labor.

A lot of people in the white collar classes view farming and manual labor as something dirty and low. Which has lead to them never learning about farming and building and fixing simple things and also not teaching and endorsing it in their children.

People also have this view that people who love nature are weird and fucked up. I made some fried dandelions and pine needle tea at work and got treated like I was nuts. Not like, this is some hobby or fun activity like enjoying football, video games, or golf, but like this person is nuts.

And those are blue collar/poor people.

I think this can really be seen at American National Parks, go to The Grand Canyon or Yellowstone most of the people there are Foreigners, mainly from Japan, Europe, and I saw a lot of Saudis when I worked there.

When I tell people that I prefer to take my vacations to natural parks and not Las Vegas or NYC they look at me like I'm nuts.

And there are rednecks too: which sit in the woods hunting, drive their four wheelers through the woods. But aren't concerned with nature in terms of conservation, gardening, surviving in it, edible wildlife etc.

But I have noticed that there were people at work, people I know that did not look at me like I was nuts when I said I planted fruit trees and not ornamental trees, there were people that tried the pine needle tea and fried dandelions.

So there are people psychologically capable of viewing reality in different terms.

Sadly there is a lot that 'wait to be saved.' They will do whatever the government tells them too because they won't do anything anyway unless someone tells them too.

Their houses will be foreclosed and they will end up in shitty government tent cities and shelters.

They will live in cities and wait in bread lines.

People will move to cities or group together from the suburbs and make bigger cities.

The bread lines is where the riots will be.

Another thing about tent cities is that if some disease breaks out, then everyone catches it and if there isn't enough pills to go around people are fucked.

There was another thing on the video, and is never stopped talking about: That the world will turn into a bunch of gun toting maniacs.

On the forum I linked a couple posts before this one they are hoarding guns because they are afraid of quote, "ruthless criminals."

A lot of the peak oil people talk about violence also, which I think will happen, no doubt.

But if you look at the statistics violence is already happening on a very large scale in America.

I think the fear is of blue collar and poor people. That they will stop doing it to each other and start doing to white collar people. And cthe ountry people who hoard guns are afraid of black people.

White collar seem to think that blue collar and poor people if the laws and police are not there will rise up and kill them and take their shit immediately.

That big Harley guys, construction workers and carpenters and their big wives with their baseball caps and bad hair and blue jeans are going to march down the street and just starting killing them.

Now I don't know if that will happen.

I do think that if a white collar person meets a blue collar person and does not behave in a way that judges them they could become friends. But I think that depends upon the person and not on the class.

But I have met many white collar people that could never behave in anyway but as a judgemental asshole.

This goes from hipsters to Youngstown small business owners.

The redneck who hoards guns fears everyone though. They fear black people as much as they white collar people.

The redneck is afraid of black people because of isolation, the schools and television hasn't helped. But mostly it is because they have such a warrior mentality. And in that mentality body size is really important. If you can beat somebody else up really matters. And since many black men are physically bigger than them, they consider that a threat. And the redneck woman views it the same way, black women are bigger than them and can be beat them up.

For many redneck people their body size is much of their self-esteem.

And for much of the blue collar and lower classes body size is very important.

Because when you have nothing else, you look for anything that might make you feel powerful and can use to survive.

This works the same way with poor women stripping. They have no skills, and grew up around other poor people and view their body as a source of income. So if a stripper were to say concretely why she was a dancer she would say, "I have nothing else to sell but my body." Which is funny when you upper class women say it is degrading, it just shows a complete lack of understanding of lower-class mentality. And at the same time it shows that the upper class woman is completely alienated from her body. Which is my opinion is just as sad a human with nothing else to sell but their body.

I don't think any of these white collar and redneck fears make sense.

Because most of these people are followers anyway and just do what they are told.

Because in a grand scale there are only two kinds/races of people, those that tell and those who want to be told what to do.


christopher cunningham said...

well said.

as usual.

our garden is well underway. this is the beginning of our Great Unlearning as "Consumers" and our reawakening as "Humans."

or else.

appleoftheearth said...

I really like your blog, thank you for writing it. I think your blog helps me to confirm thoughts I had myself about people and the world. Also, that tea sounds really nice. I live in the city, but miss having a lawn that wasn't entirely pavement. I am trying to grow a tomato in my windowsill, and it is working out so far.

somebody said...