Monday, March 10, 2008

Eschatology and Internet Documentaries

I'm an Internet Documentary Junkie. I don't turn on the television unless I have a movie to watch on it. The last time I turned on the television was to watch the movie Rebecca staring Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontain. And every Thursday I watch LOST, so that's all I use that box for.

So I watch Internet Documentaries after work to relax or I don't feel like reading.

There are a lot of them like ones on 2012 Mayan crap, The Illuminati, and something called Planet X. Which are all pretty bad. They all use bible scriptures and say absurd shit.

My personal favorite four are, here is a list of good examples:

The Federal Reserve system is evil and the income tax has no legal right videos.

9-11 Conspiracy Video

Peak Oil

Global Warming

1. All four types of these Documentaries predict or imply an ending to the world as we know it. Global Warming and Peak Oil are obvious but the 9-11 Conspiracy and Federal Reserve videos do also. Because if the 9-11 conspiracy is true, then the social contract is broken and many people would have to be executed and a revolution would have to take place which would destroy the economy and a lot of people would die and it would be bloody and horrible.

If the Federal Reserve and the income tax was taken away tomorrow it would require executing all the bankers, at least imprisoning the workers at the IRS. And the economy would be destroyed and America would be sent into deep third world status in a day.

If these videos were MADE PUBLIC for THE PEOPLE, and THE PEOPLE did something about it, it would lead to bloody chaos.

These videos don't say that though, I assume because these videos were made by upper class white liberals who have lived in safety, aren't well read in human psychology and history and don't know how poor and blue collar people behave when they are threatened.

(NOTE: I'm not saying white collar people are assholes, but because of their lifestyles and education they are more apt to do civil disobedience, and workers are more apt for violence. That is all.)

2. All four of these documentaries have their legions of followers and worshippers. They have their experts that are professors, highly educated people, and sometimes movie stars, etc. But they don't meet in a room and have a symposium or some shit. They don't gather together and discuss their problems and try to unify them.

They don't try to make their theories into a unified whole that makes sense. I've never seen a video that would mix the theory of results of Global Warming with the results of Peak Oil. It makes sense that it would. But for some reason there isn't.

I mean it could go further and have a video showing how peak oil and global warming will lead to chaos and how the federal reserve is creating it.

But there isn't.

3. The videos are hyper-empirical. They don't show that they are symptoms of capitalism, even though there is a lot of writing on how the constructs of capitalism destroys the environment and sucks up resources.

The federal reserve videos are very bad, because they don't seem to have a clue at all that the federal reserve is an end result of capitalism. That capitalism is business anarchy, and humans hate anarchy, so they will keep trying to consolidate power until it is at one controlled point. And all power springs from that point. This is what Marx and Engels meant when they said communism would be the stage after capitalism, they had the years wrong, it took a little longer than they thought, but the theory is the same, that a central power source would evolve by corporations buying out other corporations until there was only one world wide corporation or central power, which follows the other communist theory that for communism to work the whole world must become communist basically at once. The Federal Reserve and its dream of a united world under the federal reserve doesn't look anything like the soviet union with its free rent, free school and health care. But the outlines are the same, one world government with a central power source that tells everyone what to do. But Marx and Engels also said that when capitalism went for this final step of a worldwide corporate government it would be breaking the rules of capitalism, the rules that make capitalism strong, it would destroy the economy, cause a collapse to such a magnitude and that the leading body would be so small in numbers that a revolution would be so easy the people could easily revolt and because if everyone only worked for one corporation, they would actually be working for themselves.

Imagine it like this: Every business has the same owner called The Reserve. If every fast food restaurant, super market, construction company etc was just The Reserve. Everyone would work for The Reserve. There would be no store signs anymore except for a sign denoting what service anymore. There would be no commercials anymore. No advertising etc. There would only be The Reserve. If everyone worked for The Reserve then everyone would be working for the same company and therefore working for each other. Because if you work for Taco Bell, if it be in a taco bell making tacos or as an accountant or in their marketing department you are asked to work hard to make profits for Taco Bell and take away profits from say Arbies and McDonalds. But if everyone worked for The Reserve you wouldn't have that asked of you, because no one could shop anywhere else anyway. The profits would only go to the board of directors of The Reserve.

Also it must be understand that The Reserve would make the government superfluous. Since The Reserve would have total control over all natural resources, instruments of production, land and food the government would have no reason to be anymore. The 9-11 conspiracy, Federal Reserve, and for the most part the Peak Oil videos say our government is superfluous now. But in my opinion it isn't totally superfluous, the Federal Reserve still needs the federal government because the corporations have still not become one giant corporation. There is still conflict among the corporations.

Now saying like that makes me one of those people that make a plan for the future isolated from the other theories. I'm just stating a theory, not a prediction. Who knows, maybe most of the federal reserve people live in london and NYC and those cities get flooded and they die. Maybe Peak Oil will hit so hard they lose all their money or they are in their house with food and a bunch of poor people with guns who don't care or know who they are and kill them for food.

I don't know what will happen.

The Federal Reserve videos don't do that though.

The 9-11 videos instead of showing how the federal reserve has so much power and if anyone was behind it, it would be them, talk instead about Skull and Bones and the Illuminati and shit like that.

Global Warming videos don't really blame anyone. They are actually "asking" the car companies to do things. Which is absurd to me.

The thing about hyper-empiricalism is that it floats in the air. What I mean by floats in the air is that there is no ground, it doesn't connect to anything, most of the time they don't even give causes, they definitely don't give reasons. The Federal Reserve video is all facts, some causes, but no reasons. The audience watches and at the end goes, "Fucking assholes."

It is the same with the 9-11 Conspiracy videos, some causes, but the causes are like documents someone found the fifties or some shit. And at the end the audience goes, "fucking bastards."

4. Out of the four types of Internet Documentaries I've watched, The Peak Oil ones seem the most mentally well-balanced. You don't have movie stars or the Illuminati. You have professors, professionals, corporation owners, normal people etc. They show their graphs and talk about what it will be like. A lot of them say that it will be a series of recessions spanning years and if you live fifty years the world will look much different than when you were young. They talk about gardening and shitting in an outhouse. And how this society sucks anyway and all it has produced is bad Hollywood movies and really small cell phones and it might be better if we lived in small villages and worked together and not against each other.

Global Warming which also predicts a collapse in culture and society but don't view it like that. They view it has something horrible, that cars being taken away and our lives of alienation, over work, reality television and video games should be cherished and never taken away.

There is such a difference in the mindset, the global warmers want everything to stay the same, the peak oil people want it to actually change. The global warmers buy light bulbs, the peak oilers are learning to garden. Buying light bulbs and other items implies, "I stil want to participate in a purchasing society with corporations supplying the goods." Starting a garden says, "I want to do things for myself because I believe in myself."

5. Eschatology is about fear. These videos are like Revelations, Mayan 2012 predictions, horror movies, and pretty much any Bruce Willis movie are about fear. That people are all afraid, their fears are unique from person to person, but still they are afraid, which is understandable, you are on an planet adrift in an indifferent universe with an indifferent local nature, surrounded by indifferent people, most of them assholes. The world is obviously changing, the violence and poverty and shittiness isn't receding, life isn't getting better. Life is really scary. And to watch one of these videos supplies a catharsis. The videos say, "Hey audience, I'm afraid too. You aren't alone." The person sits in their house in the dark and goes, "You made me feel not so alone."

6. I also want to say that these videos, even though what facts they present should create a revolt. But they don't. History shows that humans only revolt or rebel after they have lost complete confidence in the powers that be, had time to make up their own belief systems and then massive starvation and then maybe revolt. If Americans revolted they wouldn't be screaming, "Down with the federal reserve because in 1913 blah blah vietnam war blah blah allen greenspan blah blah!"

When humans revolt they are concerned with food, their rights, etc and scream songs like Eyes on the Prize.

Also it must be stated that a revolt might not be needed. The Christians overcame the Romans through centuries of small events. Who knows maybe the Federal Reserve will take over with their one company slowly. Slowly Peak Oil and Global Warming forces us to live closer and work more independently and over the course of several centuries the banks "withers away" because of a lack of conflict between corporations and nations. It took centuries for Rome to civilize Europe and it took centuries for Christianity to overcome Europe and it is has taken centuries for Christianity to die out.

Or maybe they will figure out how to run things on compressed air and we will live in this dismal boring corporate world of malls, tiny cell phones, reality television, alienation, neurosis, and claustrophobia for 20,000 years.


Jason Dittle said...

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Jason Dittle said...

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adam said...

I suppose I'd rather see gradual changes continue than one big dramatic change. But it was not possible in past eras to kill millions of people with a single act, and it is now. I think that the same way the lower classes will respond with violence to keep what little they have if it is fundamentally threatened, the upper classes will go violent in a similar situation. It might take them longer, but they will.

Anonymous said...

good post, i like the direction you're going in. these videos definitely are created by middle-class liberals to serve their interests, and fear is used as a tactic to appeal to other middle-class liberals. unfortunately that limits them drastically, for one by ignoring the fact that most people are already concerned with day-to-day survival, even though that's foreign to the people who make these movies.

one thing to keep in mind is that the vast majority of violence in all cases is done by the government, to protect power from the supposedly violent lower classes. i think post-katrina new orleans, with its martial law, concentration camps, and shoot-to-kill commands for those taking rotting food from abandoned stores, is as good a model as any for the direction the US is going.

so i disagree with the idea that 'a revolt might not be needed.' it absolutely is, and not just because of social collapse. existing conditions (warfare, famine, poverty, destruction, racism, sexism, etc) demand a revolution, and i think we should all be hastening it.

thanks for writing

this is my blog:

Noah Cicero said...

I checked your blog and put it on my favorites.

I'm still thinking it out. I'm currently working on this blog doing videos on capitalism. I'll be adding more videos as each week goes by and will end up making videos on marxism and its complications also.

There are a lot of contingencies to be discussed and what to replace it with.

Like last night I started reading a book about the Black Plague and how it led to the 1381 revolution in England.

Revolutions always have a direct link to nature, or an outside source involving a resource being taken away.

If everyone charged washington and their state capitals and military bases right now, today, I wouldn't stop them. my concern is what the "contingencies" are. So I better help that who would like to make change.

Anonymous said...

How can you call capitalism "business anarchy" and then say that the federal reserve is a part of capitalism? It's a government monopoly. Can't have it both ways.

Noah Cicero said...


our economy or market system is anarchy. We have a free market, the government does not control the economy. Therefore free market economy is anarchy. Don't think black box anarchist, the meaning of is absence of government or regulations or laws, which is a free market economy.

The Federal Reserve isn't part of the government, it is a bank outside of the government.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you meant noah, I just disagree. Our economy has many interventions: no respect for voluntary actions (prostitution, selling of certain drugs, etc), various permit systems for businesses, regulations, taxation and so on.

So I was just wondering what're basing this definition (free market/anarchy) on. Private property ownership or something?

Also with the Fed, I meant it's a monopoly in that I'm forced to accept it by law/can't start my own bank/or lend money at my own interest rates/etc.

Anonymous said...

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