Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Does anyone Want Treatise?

I wrote a book called Treatise, which is a remix of My Life by Anton Chekhov.

I read My Life five times to write it.

I read two different translations.

I published it on Lulu and like fifty people bought copies without any publicity.

And the copies cost like 20 dollars with shipping and handling.

If anyone wants it or is published at a place that might like it, and you can give me the personal email of the editor that would be cool.

My email is

Also, i have realized that blank submissions are pointless.

The reason they are pointless is because places like Fugue State press which publishes a book a year gets five detective novels a day.

So who knows how many detective and romance and horror novels a slightly bigger press gets.

Assholes have made the blank submission impossible.

So i believe in cronyism.

I salute of the flag of literary cronyism.

After I get Treatise, Burning Babies, and The Insurgent published I'm going to go to Eugene Oregon.

I'm going to get a job working somewhere stupid, like Carl's Jr or something.

On my days off I'm going to go to the hot springs and sit naked leaning against a Redwood reading a book.

I will swim naked in the dam and not care about anything.

After Global Warming and Peak Oil destroys everything I will go off into the woods with my books and build a mongol hut and live among the animals naked.

Like St. Francis and the arhats I will speak with animals.

Birds will come play on my naked penis.

Deer will let me pet their heads.

Wolves will sit at my feet and let me scratch their bellies.

my atman will become unified and I will become one with the universe.

I will become the water that flows over the rocks and the rocks that the water flows over.

And I will be totally liberated from samsara.

So please, help me get Treatise published, so I can achieve my existential goals in the Cascades of Oregon.


brandon said...

i am in seattle.

if i can help, let me know.

you could like sleep on my couch while you realize your dream of becoming one with nature.

something like that, i dont know.

be good

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

I downloaded Treatise. Would you like me to send you something in trade? A book maybe?

Victor Bravo Monchego, Jr said...

You can have a week in my yurt. Then Moana might want you to leave. Not because she wouldn't like you, but becaused she is a very private person. She hasn't left the island in nine months. She paints. And sings to her chickens. When she gets angry she uses the rototiller. But a week, man, it's yours. See Brandon. See Vic. Or vice versa.

Ned said...

this is such a fantastic book, I am going to bring it to my agent. I think it is your best book. Good luck with that grant.

somebody said...