Wednesday, March 28, 2007


James Chapman sends me Fassbinder films.

I have seen like four now.

I want to talk about Fassbinder films.

Fassbinder films make me laugh.

they are always really dramatic.

it is really funny.

I dont know if Fassbinder films have any meaning, if they are supposed to have one.

I don't know.

I know they make me laugh.

Also, i like going to sleep to Fassbinder movies because they are always really quiet and there is something soothing about a soft german voice talking.

What else is really weird about Fassbinder films for me is that around here in the Youngstown area all the hicks are pure Germans. So the people in Fassbinder films look like hicks to me. And it is really funny, because in like my brain, their faces stimulate people who wear harley shirts, drive beat up monte carlos, and wear shirts with their sleeves cut off, with tattoos of skulls on their biceps.

So it is like really weird to see people who look like hicks or hillrods to me act really intellectual and dressed not in total hillrod gear.