Monday, July 17, 2006

The Condemned is for sale.

It is only ten dollars.

It will arrive in about a week.

I don't have any reviews or important blurbs from Norman Mailer or Easton-Ellis.

I know this.

I'll be getting copies soon and I have like ten people who want to do reviews of it.

All right. Give me a break.

I'm working with Six Gallery Press. Yes, it is a ghetto ass POD press.

I'm from Youngstown, I'm ghetto, you got a problem with that.

Burning Babies is coming out sometime probably in the fall, it will be hosted by The Valve. They have money and connections, the book already has reviews and blurbs and will get more reviews and blurbs.

The Condemned has some interviews explaining it though, one at 3AM Magazine and one at The Sean Kilpatrick Blog.

It was the book of the month in May at Dazed and Confused magazine.

The book is written in sentegraphs, short little sentences.

It is very quick.

Everyone said they read it in a day.

I don't know, maybe you hate me. Maybe I said something on The ULA blog that caused you to find me disgusting. Maybe I wrote something about Rushdie or Updike that you find repulsive.

Maybe I did.

That is fine.

What The Condemned is, is my case against those writers.

Is my case against this society and the way Americans lie to themselves.

The books is about lying.

To other people and ourselves.

Everybody and their mother has a book nowadays though.

So what would be a good reason to buy mine.

I don't have one.

I believe it to be revolutionary.

But every author believes their book to be revolutionary.

Every author thinks they should sell a million copies.

The only thing I can promise you the reader, is that it will be a weird experience. That it will entertain, and give you a good kick in the genitals, and the pain won't go away for at least week.